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Welcome to our very own trail event. We think we’ve found a route that you’ll enjoy. It has lots of variety, hills, moor, forestry, fields, technical stuff, mud, water, and hopefully a lot of fun! Not only do we put on a challenging 1/2 marathon for the adults we also run races for juniors over a variety of distances using some of the course used by the adults.

How to Enter

Entry is via the Run Britain website where you will find all the information you need to get to race day. We have included some additional information below which you may find helpful.


Where to Stay in Aberystwyth

If you are travelling for the event, here is a link to local accommodation:

The Venue: Nant-yr-Arian

We really hope you like the location for our event. We feel it offers a lot as a venue, for the spectators as well as the runners. There is plenty of parking, but unfortunately not really any suitable public transport links for the event. There is the café, the red kites (which are fed at 2pm, and worth waiting for!), a childrens play area, walks for all abilities, and mountain bike routes.

It’s on the A44, about 10 miles outside Aberystwyth. The post code for your sat nav is SY23 3AD. More information can be found here:

If you are a GPX user here is a link to the file that you’ll need:

As the more observant among you will notice, it is 13.35 miles long. Unfortunately we can’t get the half to be spot on for distance. There’s a cut off just before the finish if you are doing the full, so we estimate it is approx. 26.5 miles in total. If you are running the marathon distance you will be completing the route twice, BUT on the second loop you will be running in the opposite direction to the first, so it will feel totally different. (this is once you get to the road at mile 1, the section from the centre to the road is the same for all routes and loops). Apologies if this sounds complicated, it really isn’t!!

That horrible hill? Enjoy it, it’s now a cracking decent.

That great technical downhill? You may feel differently this time round.

A different set of challenges and a new set of stunning views.

The route will be well marked and marshalled.

There will be feed stations every 4-5 miles (2 on the half and 5 on the full plus one at the finish).

There is approximately ¾mile of tarmac in the route (so 1½ miles for the full) but make no mistake, this is definitely a trail race and we heartily recommend trail shoes. The rest of the route is a mixture of fire road, technical trail, grass and single track… and a water feature or two!

Basic Advice

We want our event to be fun but challenging. Sometimes with challenges come accidents, and injuries. We hope this doesn’t happen, but if it does:

Get warm clothing and waterproofs on quickly.

If you are on the ground, get the foil blanket under you to significantly cut your heat loss.

Blow your whistle! Keep blowing 6 short blasts, one minute between each set of 6 (glad you brought the whistle now?).

Finally: if you find someone in need of help, give it!! We are all trail runners, and a friendly bunch, we are here to help each other along the way. As we said above, the nature of the beautiful places we run is that they can be inhospitable, and in times of need, it is up to us all to take care of each other.

Kit List

We want you to have fun, but we also want you to be safe. This event is in March and the weather can be unpredictable, because of this we reserve the right to enforce a kit list if the weather is bad. If anything happens, it may take a little while to get to you because of the terrain and the location.

Please have with you and be prepared to carry in adverse weather conditions:

  • Waterproof top (trousers optional)
  • Long sleeve top (worn or carried)
  • Foil blanket (to be carried in all weather conditions)
  • Emergency food
  • Phone (charged)
  • Hat & gloves
  • Whistle

The only thing we’d like you to carry whatever the weather is the foil blanket to keep yourself warm should you get injured.

Stiles & Gates

There are several stiles on the route, please take care crossing these, and give equal rights to those crossing from both directions, they may be slippy.

We’ve also arranged wherever possible to leave gates open, but if it is closed when you get to it please close it behind you, or tell those behind you to close it after them.


If you are tired and can’t finish the event, please let a marshal know who will be able to tell you the quickest way back to the centre. THERE IS NO SWEEPER TRUCK IF YOU RETIRE THROUGH TIREDNESS.

We have excellent first aid cover, and if you are injured you will be extracted back to the visitors centre at Nant yr Arian, or to our local hospital if required.

If you find yourself coming to the end of the first lap of the marathon and feel it’s not your day, and find the bright lights, cake and hot drinks of the café too much to resist, come across the finish line and get a time for the half marathon distance. You will be listed in the half marathon results, (much better than a DNF!) but, whatever your time, you will not be eligible for a prize, as you will have run in the opposite direction to the half marathon runners so your time is not comparable.

Don’t forget to collect your finishers medal!

Cut off times

For safety reasons for everyone involved in our event, we have decided to put cut offs into our race.

These are:

Half marathon: 4hrs

NB: if you are doing the full marathon and you get back to the half way point after 3hrs 30mins, you will directed towards the finish, and asked politely not to continue or attempt the full marathon. You will be given a half marathon time. This is for the safety and well-being of all our participants:- runners, marshals and tail runners alike.

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